Effective Remedies For Dog’s Fear


Anxiety is the most common problem faced by the pets as well as pet – owners. And it’s very unfortunate that our speechless pets are not able to express their anxiety and at last result in harmful and destructive behavior. And this unreasonable fear lets most of the dogs in digging the walls and floors until they start bleeding just to get the rid from the source of their fear.

Fear of thunderstorms is one of the most common phobias which have been observed in dogs. If it is also the problem with your dog, you should immediately consult your veterinarian doctor so as to get the treatment for your dog as soon as possible. There are many medicinal treatments for the different kinds of diseases of dogs. One of the best one is the melatonin dosage for dogs. Although the medicines will not help in curing the phobia, but on the other hand it will help to calm down and sedate your dog. There are many natural methods that are far better than medicinal treatments as they don’t have any side effects. Click here https://www.crioceras.com/ to read in-depth articles about pet health, food, and breed as well.

Various Methods to Treat Dog Fears

  • The easiest way of calming the dog’s anxiety is to play soft music more probably the harp music. It is scientifically proved that music is the most effective stress reducing agent in humans as well as animals too.
  • Putting a body wrap is also one of the best methods to keep your dog calm, as it will provide a constant environment to the body and the nerves of the dog which is very helpful in settling down the dog. But be sure that you are applying the wrap to your pet when it’s in normal state, this will help to avoid the dog’s confusion of taking the wrap as the cause of fear.
  • A very interesting and effective technique used by many dog owners is the counter conditioning. This method involves in creating the circumstances that your dog is afraid of, and then displacing it with another situation. This is in most of the cases appreciated by the dogs.  For example if your dog is facing the thunderstorm fear, you can artificially introduce him with the thunderstorm’s sound and then slowly increasing the sound and providing your dog with his favourite meal so as to distract his mind from the thunderstorm sound.

If still you are not able to keep your dog calm then the best method is providing a natural supplement that will be very effective in improving this phobia is melatonin. The melatonin dosage for dogs is an over the counter medication most commonly used by many people for the treatment of insomnia. When you provide melatonin in a proper amount as per suggested by your veterinarian doctor then you dog remains awake but it doesn’t face any problem of being fearful anymore. Never provide this medication without the veterinarian doctor’s consultancy as then it may not be properly effective.

You should also provide the proper medication as well as environment to the pet according to the prescription of vet if the pet is going suffering from some health related problem including fever, kennel

cough and allergies. You can learn about the Kennel Cough by visiting this link: https://catssavetigers.org/can-cats-get-kennel-cough/

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