Have You Heard About Boo The Pomeranian


If you want to see some cute dog pictures, then you do not have to go far. Boo, the Pomeranian has plenty to go around. For those of you who do not know, Boo has become one of the most famous puppies on the Internet. It all began when Boo’s owner, J.H Lee, decided to create a Facebook fan page for Boo and put up pictures of Boo.

Before long, Boo caught the attention of Kim Kardashian and she started talking about Boo online. Since Kim has a strong online following, it didn’t take long for Boo to go viral.  People started sharing pictures of Boo all over the Internet and all of a sudden, he was famous.

Boo is a Pomeranian, which is one of one of the smaller breeds. These dogs are often referred to as toy sized dogs. Dogs like Boo are known for being proud and lively, which is part of what makes the Pomeranian breed so popular. They are also loyal, intelligent and eager to learn. This is a great dog breed to teach tricks to because they catch on very quickly and follow instructions well.

Their overall demeanor is almost always delightful. However, you need to show this dog early on that you are the pack-leader. Otherwise, Pomeranian can become more demanding, and which could lead it issues in the future. But, this is really the case with all dogs. You need to establish yourself as the authority figure in the household.

Since Pomeranians are full of energy, you need to make sure that you exercise them on a regular basis or they could do some damage. Dogs that are not provided with enough stimulation throughout the day will go looking for something to do – and this often means getting into something they shouldn’t be doing. So it’s important for you to put your dog in physical activities like playing with a dog. Visit tonsofcats.com to find out what activities are best for your dog.

Besides Pomeranians, Pugs are a quite popular toy breed. One of the reasons that Pugs are so popular is because of their pushed-in nose, friendly demeanour, and amazing sense of humour. You cannot help but love them. Another favourite dog breed is the German Shepherd because of their loyalty and intelligence. German Shepherds make outstanding guard dogs; some are even recruited to work as police dogs. They are also very beautiful dogs, making them all the more popular. If you want to know about other popular dog breeds, visit dogs-info.net.

One of the benefits of owning a dog like Boo is that they will love you just as much as you love them. They can turn a bad day into a good one in seconds and are a great addition to any family. If you think dogs like Boo are great, Pomeranians may be the perfect dog breed for you. For learning more about Pomeranian dog breeds visit pet-select-shop.com.

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