Cost Effectiveness Of Chiropractic Care As Compared To Medical Care


There is an increasing number of people suffering from back pain problems, therefore health care costs for treating low back pain is also rising rapidly. Therefore it is important to provide cost- effective as well as effective to the patient’s ailment. The current economic conditions, yet coping from the after effects of the recession calls for better options to relieve pain. A mere visit to the doctor’s clinic for a back pain or neck pain transforms into dependency on medications and many dollars of expense on treatment and tests.

Under these circumstances, chiropractic care is gaining momentum as it is based on the principles of overall wellness and preventive healthcare. Recently, many studies have highlighted the effectiveness of chiropractic services and also its cost-effectiveness. Due to this, many insurance companies are now providing chiropractic coverage. Doctors too are recommending chiropractic care for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems such as lower back pain and neck pain. For more information about chiropractic treatment, visit this dedicated website:

Medical Care: Expensive

A visit to a general health care practioner costs between $60 to $300, depending on the kind of ailment and prescribed drugs. Usually ailments do not disappear in a single visit, multiple visits become important. Add to that the cost of prescribed medications. Even after insurance cover, the cost is on a higher side causing a deep hole in the pocket. Although the pain medicines will help to subdue the pain, it does not identify the root cause and thus the pain returns after the effects of the medicine wear down. This in return causes you to again start taking medication, and the cycle goes on. This entire procedure is an extremely costly one that invariably burns a hole in your pocket.

Chiropractic Care: Cost Effective

If the above scenario is repeated, but instead of medical care you opt for chiropractic care, a visit to the chiropractor to would cost you between $30 to $70. Most chiropractors offer discounted examination and x-ray fees. The aim of the chiropractor is not only to reduce your pain but also find the root cause and completely eliminate the pain, thus avoiding its recurrence. Chiropractors do not make use of any harmful chemical medications , thus the relief from pain is not instant, but in fact takes a lot of time. This might seem discouraging to many in comparison to quick fix offered by traditional medication. Although repeated visits are required, the overall cost is much less.

There have been many studies recently to judge the cost effectiveness of chiropractic care and other natural alternative therapies such as acupuncture, massage therapy etc. as opposed to traditional medicine. A systematic review in 2012 found that spinal manipulation or low back pain and neck pain is more cost- effective compared to general medicine care.

A study in 2007 compared the costs a patient incurred under chiropractic care versus a medical doctor. The study involved 70,000 members and was carried out for 7 years. The study revealed that the hospitalization costs were reduced by 60.2%, days spent in the hospital decreased by 59% and outpatient surgeries decreased by 62%. One of the major reductions was in the cost associated with medicines which were decreased by a whopping 85% as compared to traditional health care.

Recently the perception towards Complimentary and Alternative therapies has changed significantly. Healthcare practitioners are now acknowledging the effectiveness of chiropractic care and other natural alternatives. Chiropractic services are formulated in a manner that gets integrated within the medical care and thus a patient can benefit from both, traditional as well as chiropractic care.

One can see an increased acceptance of chiropractic services for curing back and neck pain. The biggest example is the fact that insurance companies now offer insurance coverage for chiropractic services. Patients can benefit from chiropractic care by visiting trusted chiropractors within the vicinity, it may not only cure the ailment but also save you some money.

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